Monday, July 18, 2011

Home Tour- Master Bedroom

I've been asked by so many to post some pictures our new home. Well, I'm finally doing it. Just remember this is a work in progress. I'm going to post each room separately and elaborate on a lot of the details in each room.

I think you will be able to pick up on some of the things I love very quickly when seeing each room :)

So here it goes! Starting with the master bedroom...

I wanted the overall "feel" of our bedroom to be comfortable, relaxing, and timeless. It's not a very large bedroom, just room for our queen sized bed, 2 nightstands, and a chest of drawers. The furniture was a graduation present from my parents when I finished nursing school. It all came from Tate's furniture store in Alexander City, AL.

I  found the bedspread this past spring at TJ Maxx. It was actually a bed-in-a-bag sort of set including the comforter, 2 shams, and 3 other pillows not shown. I loved the pattern and the soft colors of grass green, sage, white, and cream. I did not use the 3 other pillows because I did not care for them. But all this only cost me $79.99!

I found these 2 accent pillows at Walmart the second week we moved in. They are from Better Homes and Gardens. I do not remember how I paid for them. I like how they coordinate with the comforter but do not match exactly.

The blue pillow cases match our sheets that Ben and I received as a wedding present. They are Wamsutta Comfort Soft Cotton 400 thread count in "Windswept", and they are the best sheets I have ever slept on in my life- no lie. They almost have a a little sheen to them when you look at them. I know this sounds goofy, but they really feel like sleeping in lotion. When picking them out, I found that they were not really the highest thread count available, but definitely the softest. We have other pairs of sheets, but I just wash these once a week and put them right back on the bed. Bed Bath and Beyond does not carry them anymore (who knows why) but you can buy them online. They are $99.99 for a queen set. I think I'm going to ask for some in white for Christmas. Okay, enough about those sheets.

 The hand stitching on these white pillow cases was done by my great grandmother. I found them in a plastic bag with a price tag on them at my grandmother's house after she passed away. I think they were left over from a yard sale. I loved them and thought they added a great layer to our bedroom linens.

I found this lamp at Marshall's. It is actually one of two that my mom bought me when we went shopping together last month. I fell in love with it's vintage feel and I think the silver goes well with the hardware on our furniture.

These 2 picture frames were a wedding present given to us by the Hollands.

 I found this mirror at an antique store near my house in Nolensville. It is difficult to see from the photos, but the frame has been painted a Tiffany blue color all over and gold in the little cracks. I love how the mirror part has little imperfections. I thought the blue antique mirror brought out the blue sheets on our bed. And I think it adds good height to that part of the room.

The large photo is when Ben proposed to me. I love looking at it and remembering that special day. The smaller photo is my grandmother Peppy on our last vacation together at the beach. I love looking at her beautiful smile.

I found these 2 bottles/canisters (whatever they are called :) at the same antique store as the blue mirror for $10 a piece. The Willow Tree Angel is one from Peppy's house. It is the Angel of Peace. Peppy wrote on the bottom of it that Suzie and Tammy gave it to her. 

Moving to the other side of the room...

These curtains came from K-Mart. They mix between taupe and gold with metallic-like sheen. I looked all over for curtains with a thermal backing that blocked out heat and light but that were still elegant and coordinated with the bedding. I like them so much I'm thinking about putting the same curtains in our living room.

Here's Ben's side of the bed. I think the lamp is ugly but he insists on keeping it since it has a touch light. Hey, ya gotta let your man keep something from his bachelor days!

Last, but not least, we have Henley's bed. I'd say he sleeps in it for the maybe the first quarter of the night. But sometime in the middle of night, he sneaks up into our bed and snuggles between us...silly dog...

So there you have it. The first room in our Home Tour. What do you think??

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