Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fun at Parties

My mom had right knee replacement surgery yesterday. I have never seen somebody look forward to having surgery as much as she has. She is so ready for the pain in her knees to go away and have 2 new ones so she can chase little grand kids around the house one day! The doctor said her left knee looked worse on xray than her right knee, but Mom was having more pain with the right. They said she was rubbing "bone on bone". So now with her new custom knee, we call her the "Bionic Woman". Hopefully she will get a new left knee in January.

My mom is such a hoot on a regular day, needless to say she has been entertaining us as well as the hospital staff. Yesterday she told the anesthesiologist, "I bet you are fun at parties!"

 This is the sweet little giraffe Chelsea gave Mom.

Day 2 has been a little rough pain wise, mostly when we have to do her exercises. But Mom is a trooper and says, "No pain, no gain."

I wish I had half the pain tolerance my mother does. She is awesome.

Henley picked Mom some flowers out of our garden.

Funny little dog. He got to spend the day with his Grandmother and PatPat. He LOVES spending time with them. Beth has been recovering from a car accident and has a nifty little scooter to help her get around the house so that she does not put weight on her broken ankle. Just look where I found him this morning...

It's a tough life having someone carry you around in their basket all day...

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