Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Is In The Air

I can't believe it is already March! With spring just around the corner and a big move close by, I have been cleaning out my closet and going through my clothes. I just got rid of 4 garbage bags full of clothes I have been keeping around but never wore.
Does anyone else find it a little difficult to dress in your mid 20's? At this point in my life, some days I feel very young and other days I feel really old. Some of the items in my closet would be appropriate for a college girl living in Auburn, but others don't seem to fit a young professional finishing her graduate degree and working in a the health care field.  I want my patients to think I'm old enough to know what I'm talking about, yet I still want to dress youthful. How do I dress young but still look professional? Well this is the answer I am searching for in my new wardrobe. (Your husband accidentally drying your go-to khaki dress pants can be a good excuse to buy some new clothes:)

 I'm searching for some items that can transition from the clinic, to everyday around town, to out to dinner with friends or the hubby. I love layering, so it's to my advantage that this is once again in style. I also love vintage and have found some items with this kind of flair. Thought I would post some clothes I am dying to get :)

Happy spring clothes shopping!

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