Sunday, February 20, 2011

It all started with a dish

So anyone that knows me well, knows I LOVE Fire King serving ware. I like the milk white pieces, but I'm obsessed with the Jadite and Jane Ray green dishes. After my grandmother (Peppy) passed away, I went through her kitchen stuff and found this pretty little green dish. Then began my love affair.

 Next, I bought 4 dishes to start my collection. They look like these.

This past Christmas, I was in search for some bowls. Found these.

I absolutely cannot wait to have a cute little kitchen to display all my little green treasures.Don't you think they will look great with my new Kitchen Aid mixer? (Thanks Aunt Tammy :)

A couple of months ago, my Grandma Fran learned that I love Fire king dishes and she gave my this milk white relish tray that was a wedding gift of her's and Grandpa Dee's. Isn't it too cute?

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