Friday, January 11, 2013

Treasure Hunt Part 1

If you know me very well at all, you would know that I LOVE antiques. Since moving into our house this past July, I have been thinking of pieces of furniture that would perfectly complete each space. I want our house to have a "collected" feel. Not every piece of furniture has to be an antique but I wanted each piece to speak to me- make sure that I really love it and not just something to fill a hole. I guess it's a good thing that I want a collected feel because it's gonna take us a while to collect all the things we need one by one due to our budget that is :)

I have been on the hunt for a couple of things in particular. A buffet/side table for the front entry hallway and a dining room table. My plan was to keep my eyes on the look out and just buy which ever wonderful piece I found first.

I didn't think finding the buffet would be difficult, but it proved to be as each piece I saw just wasn't quite what I was looking for. I like dark wood or something painted and the ones that had the size and shape I liked would be in a light wood. Or I would find a beautiful walnut or mahogany piece and it would be the wrong size for my hallway.

Our dining room is on the small side and it's actually a perfect square- an odd shape to fit the standard rectangular dining table. So I thought a 60 inch round would work perfectly. Yeah- good luck finding that in an antique store in North AL or TN.

Today mom and I set out to look once again. Whitney and Addison came along for the first part of the day. We found lots of beautiful things as we always do. But about 8 stores into it and I knew today was going to be a bust. That is until the last store...

Pictures of our "find" will come soon. As soon as we make it back to Elgin to pick up our treasures :)

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