Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Holiday Decor

I had not posted any "after" pictures of our house since I posted all the "before's". I guess the main reason is that everything is still a work in progress and I feel like every room needs those few extra touches before it is finished. Well anyway, here is a sneak peak with the few pictures I took of everything decorated for Christmas.

I got excited about decorating for Christmas and did it earlier this year than I ever have before. Earlier, like before Thanksgiving....I enjoyed everything being up until it was Jan 5 and all the decorations and garland and lights and bows were still there. Over the weekend we were able to pack everything up. If I was smart I would hit the stores that have their Holiday things on clearance. But where's the fun in shopping for Christmas after it's over? I'll probably just wait until next fall when I get really excited again and then find some new things :)

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