Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Birthday

Last night my cousin Whitney celebrated her 29th birthday along with some family and friends. We drove to Muscle Shoals and had a night of fun at Lucy's Artsy Place. You can find her page on Facebook. The concept was similar to Sips N Strokes, but no alcohol and no instructor. Basically, we got to pick out what we wanted to create and we let loose!

I wanted to do something a little different than your typical canvas. So I picked out a cutout in the shape of a cupcake. My idea was to create a "Happy Birthday" sign to hang on out front door whenever someone in our family is celebrating a birthday or whenever we have someone's birthday party at our place.

I pulled up my Pinterest app on my phone and searched "cupcake door hanger" for ideas. Along with some of the ideas I found there, I thought about those cute "Happy Everything" platters that are in many of the little gift shops and boutiques. Have you seen them? They are very cute and the idea is that you can replace the top portion with what ever you are celebrating.

Not exactly what I wanted to create but I like the font and the polka dots.

Well enough about that- here is my creation!

I'm pretty excited about how it turned out...

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