Thursday, November 1, 2012

All Hallows Eve

We spent this Halloween spending time with family. We all enjoyed a relaxing evening at our house saying hello to trick-or-treaters, eating soup and chasing our nephews around the house :)

I would say we only had about 10 or 12 kiddos come to the door. I think trick or treating is becoming a thing of the past with most of the churches having fall festivals and such for the kids to enjoy. I guess the 300 count bag of chocolate candy we bought was a bad idea. The kids were so polite. I kept encouraging them to take a handful of candy but each kid would only take 1 maybe 2 pieces. I will definitely have to bring the leftover candy to work because we can not have it in the house :)

I prepared my grandfather's recipe of Potato Soup. Here's the recipe if you are searching for a yummy, cheesy, easy, potato soup.

Pop's Potato Soup:

- 3 cans chicken broth ( I use Swanson's)
- 2 bags of refrigerated hashbrowns
- 2 cans cream of celery
- 2 cans cream of onion
- 1 package pepper jack cheese (I could not find a bag, so I used 2 small blocks and shredded myself)
- 1 cup of milk

Warm the chicken broth and potatoes first, bring to simmer. Then add the next ingredients 1 by 1, making sure to stir frequently to prevent sticking.

I did not gave to add any salt or pepper. It was tasty enough without extra spices. I served with crackers and rolls. It would also be delicious to serve with ham chunks or bacon bits/pieces.

Here are some pictures from yesterday. I hope you and your family had a wonderful, spooky and fun Halloween!

A pooped T-rex...

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